Churches Joint Council on Human Needs (CJCOHN)


The Churches Joint Council on Human Needs (CJCOHN, which is pronounced see-john) consists of about 100 volunteers representing about 12 churches.  CJCOHN was formed through the Saline County Ministerial Alliance to coordinate and respond to needs in the Saline County area in a responsible way.

The goal is to enable hurting people to help themselves with assistance during a time of emergency or crisis in their family or by referring them to the agency that can provide the service they need.  Requests range from food, clothing, toilet articles, rent, utility assistance, lodging, gas, medical assistance with prescriptions, to cases where personal support and friendship for families to carry them through a time of crisis.
Since 1976 there have been more than 88,000 documented cases where people have been helped by CJCOHN with many more that were not documented.