Lectio Divina:  Altering the Rhythm of Everyday Life

by Emily Laurel

Lectio41After accepting the call to serve our church as installed pastor, the very first thing Reverend Dari did was establish a weekly spiritual practice called Lectio Divina.  Every Monday morning at 7 a.m. Reverend Dari offers this special opportunity to begin the week with the reading of scripture, prayer, and time for the deep inner silence of Christian meditation.  To me, creating this unique opportunity to participate in the ancient practice of Lectio Divina showed Reverend Dari’s commitment to offering us a spiritual practice that can profoundly affect the quality of our lives.

Time set aside in a special way for Lectio Divina enables us to discover in our daily life an underlying spiritual rhythm. Within this rhythm, we discover an increasing ability to offer more of ourselves and our relationships to God and to accept the embrace that God is continuously extending to us in the person of his son, Jesus Christ.

Very often our concerns, our relationships, our hopes and aspirations, naturally intertwine with our meditations on the Scriptures. We can attend “with the ear of our hearts” to our own thoughts, memories, and insights as we draw closer to our Spiritual center of being.

Last Monday, August 19, 2013, was a Monday like any other.  Although I was not feeling rested, I rolled out of bed with barely enough time to get to the church on time for the service.  By the end of that short (30 minute) service, I felt like a different person–and its effect lasted for days! It was an awesome experience for me and certainly made me hungry for more.  You can be sure that I’ll contine to attend every Monday that I can.

If you have not experienced Lectio Divina, please consider joining us soon. Although the Monday morning service is your only chance to experience this quiet but profound connection with God, more services may be offered in the future, depending on the response of our congregation to this weekly offering. I personally wish I could begin each day in this way.  The only downside is having to get up early on Monday morning, but it is well worth the effort and time.

 If you are not able to join us in person, do consider taking the time for scripture reading, alternating with periods of meditative introspection or contemplation on Monday mornings (or whenever you can).  I feel certain your week will have a beautiful beginning as we all join together for prayer and worship.