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Pray For Members Who are Home Bound

 Ernestine Dunn, Mary Lou Smith


Pray For Members with Special Needs

Family of Kim Grigg

Mary Ann Callison, 

Joan DuBois, Kaye Dunn,

Carolyn Duncan, Phyllis Fraim,

Edna White, Kim Griggs,

Melissa Holden, Tanner Holden,  Emily Laurel,


Jeannette Morehead

Arlene Rainey, Jance Ray

Glenda Roberts, Letitia Calvert

Mary Lou Smith 

Marti Snellback,

Steve Snellback


Pray For Our Military

Major Jack Keene, U.S. Army

SFC Kelssey Brann, U.S. Army

SFC. Stephen Christopher Fraim, U.S. Army

PFC Blake Nesbit, U.S. Army

Pray For Friends and Family

Andy Crossett, friend of Steve & Phyllis Fraim


Annette Fugere, mother of John Fugere


Benita & Johnny Hill, friend of Edna White


Bill Eldridge, father of Bernie Eldrdige


Brenda Fenton, friend of Barbara Neely


Cara Beth Spivey, neice of Donna Anderson


Claudia Rippee, granddaughter of Glenda Roberts


Connie Bradley, friend of Bernie Eldridge


Courtney Wagner, granddaughter of David & Lenore Monkus

Debbie Vocque, friend of Barbara Neely


Doug Kennedy, uncle of Dari Rowen


Eddie Vick, sister of Linda Jennings


Elizabeth Hanley, granddaughter of Dorcas Holicer
Family of Kim Grigg

Janet Franks and family, friend of Mary Ann Callison


Jim Hobbs, husband of Sharon Hobbs


Jimmy & Iantha Sluder, friend of James & Linda Jennings

Joyce Dobbins & Billie Mungle, sisters of Martha Wilson

Judy Elrod, sister of Edna White


Larry Duncan, husband of Carolyn Duncan


Lily Hancock, friend of the Snellbacks


Linda Kreder, cousin of Alicia Wheeler


Mary Catton, aunt of Mary Ann Callison

Mary Jane Attwood, friend of Elizabeth Kraus


Miriam Talbert, daughter-in-law of Mary Talbert

Monroe Young, father of Donna Anderson


Norma Johnston, friend of Edna White


Patsy Scott, friend of Bernie Eldridge


Rachel Murders, friend of Barbara Neely


Ralph Anderson, friend of Marti Snellback


Randy Lusk


Rick Green, cousin of Kellie Fugere


Sandra Rose, friend of Edna White


Scott Westburg, friend of Henry Griswold


Senia Clark, niece of Martha Wilson


Sheree Reynolds, friend of Barbara Neely


Shirley Mueller, friend of Alicia Wheeler


Steve Waddle, friend of Steve Fraim and John Fugere