God's Goodness in Times of Disaster

As we enter into another phase of this pandemic, I find great hope in some of the news I am hearing from China, though knowing the top of the curve has been reached is hard to discern. But, it is encouraging. I was thinking back in my past where there were dire situations. First, in April, 1974, I sheltered in an underground hallway as a massive tornado roared overhead and destroyed ten square blocks overhead. I survived two hurricanes, one in the Florida panhandle, and one in southeast Texas. Those were the ones I know about. But I started thinking. I imagine that there have been other catastrophic episodes that could have happened to me, but God inserted God's hand between me and the oncoming disaster. Now, I recall. One day I was returning from a visit to the Trappist monastery in Kentucky. It's pretty hilly out there. As I approached a dip in the road a convertible came flying over the hill, careening as it came. Then it flipped right in front of me, finally resting upside down in his own lane. Thinking the worst for the driver, I couldn't believe my eyes. At my feet, a none for the worse looking fellow scooted out from under the wreck laying flat on its top. In a matter of minutes, I saw coming over that same hill another car. It screeched to a stop. Several family or friends of the driver dusted him off and took him away. Standing there, looking down at the smoking upside down engine, I thanked God for God's providence. I think we have to believe always that we are created for God's glory, however long or however desperate our situations may come. The situations may not always resolve according to our reasoning, but that is OK for the believer who puts his or her trust in God so completely that they are never afraid.

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