On a Trip to the Dollar Store

I don't know if you ever go to the dollar store often but I do. I am looking for bargains. But, sometimes, I often find inciteful conversations. By inciteful, maybe I should just say inspirational. Today I went in to buy some boxes of tissue. I cut through the aisle where inexpensive food choices are all around you. A lady was taking a picture of the boxed milk. Of course, I had to ask. Why are you taking a picture of the milk? Well, she was from Houston and survived Hurricane Harvey. She told me that she was so excited because she had not found this anywhere since. She survived, she said, on multiple cases of that particular brand of boxed milk. She was sending the photo to her family back in Texas. It was like a five-star

testimonial. I was so moved by her story I had to buy some of it for my pantry. Yes, I thought, there was grace in the boxed milk for her and her family in some pretty tough times. Gratitude welled up in her in finding boxes like what saved her before. I never thought I'd need it again, she said. And, here it is. I just have to get some to get past this virus thing. When I arrived home I put the milk on a pantry shelf, thinking how important it is to be prepared for times of suffering when grace can be found even in a box of milk.

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