I have been helping churches to transition to hopeful future for a lot of years. A hopeful future is one that engages people in church in two important ways. One is that we talk a lot about coming to church. It's important in a Christian life. We meet others who have the same spiritual interests while learning about others whose spirituality is not quite like hours. Yet, all in all, the unifying theme is a devotion to Jesus Christ in love for God and other people. Second, is that we talk today about being missional. We love doing important things for other people. We build houses, provide resources for family needs. We pack emergency boxes of food and medical supplies. We travel to other places in the world where just a few days of our lives can make a difference for some people for the rest of theirs. Our planet becomes a better place for everyone. Coming and going! That's what I like about church. We are always coming and going. I love the idea that i learn about what it means to care for others who need shelter, and then get to practice what I learned like with Habitat for Humanity.

Pastor Emmett

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